Tantric Pujas....Tantric pujas as a full orchestra playing a complex symphony

March 17, 2024- Admin

Tantric pujas

Tantric pujas encompass mantras as part of a larger ritualistic framework.

Is a broader ritualistic practice within Tantra, an esoteric branch of Hinduism .
Involves mantras alongside various elements like mudras (hand gestures), yantras (geometric diagrams), visualizations, and rituals.
Aims to awaken inner energy (Kundalini) for spiritual liberation or specific goals.
Considered more complex and often requires initiation from a qualified Guru due to its potential for misuse.

Tantric pujas Core  Principles

Shakti Worship: Tantra emphasizes the divine feminine energy, Shakti. Many Tantric pujas focus on worshipping Shakti, often visualized as different goddesses like Durga , Vishnu .and Siva.
Harnessing Energy: Tantric pujas aim to utilize mantras, visualizations, and ritual actions to channel inner energy and connect with the divine.
Individual Power: Tantra encourages self-empowerment. Tantric pujas can be seen as a way to awaken and utilize one's inner potential for spiritual growth or achieving specific goals,

Mantras: Specific mantras (sacred syllables) are chanted throughout the puja to invoke the deity and channel spiritual energy.
Mudras: Hand gestures called mudras may also be used to symbolize different aspects of the divine or the practitioner's intentions. 

Synthesis of Traditions: Kerala Tantra is a blend of Shaiva and Vaishnava philosophies, incorporating elements from North Indian and Tamil Tantric traditions.
Deeply Rooted in Vedic Rituals: Unlike some other forms of Tantra, Kerala Tantra is closely associated with Vedic rituals and customs, emphasizing purity and devotion.
Temple-Centric Practices: Many Tantric rituals in Kerala are performed within temples by families with hereditary rights. These rituals are believed to appease deities, ward off evil, and bring prosperity. 

Benefits of Tantric Pujas

Spiritual growth and enlightenment
Increased self-awareness and inner power
Healing and rejuvenation
Material abundance
Removal of obstacles
Strengthening relationships.